Events at El Museo del Barrio

1230 5th Ave, New York, NY 10029

El Museo del Barrio is one of the foremost museums in the United States devoted to the art and culture of Latin Americans. The Museum of the City of New York celebrates and interprets the city, its people, and their cultures. El Museo del Barrio in East Harlem celebrates and interprets the art, culture, and history of Puerto Ricans and other Latinos in the United States.

The Museo del Barrio is located in the heart of Manhattan’s Spanish Harlem and was founded in 1969 by artists and community activists who sought to create a space for the display and discussion of Latino art and culture. El Museo del Barrio’s permanent collection includes more than 6,500 objects from Latin America and the Caribbean, ranging from pre-Columbian artifacts to contemporary works. There are also collections that are constantly changing.

Since its inception, El Museo has been a vital force in the international art world, promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. El Museo’s collection is one of the most important and comprehensive collections of Latin American and Caribbean art in the United States. El Museo del Barrio is a museum in New York City that celebrates Latin American, Puerto Rican and Caribbean art and culture.

The museum's mission is to promote knowledge and appreciation of the arts and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, and to foster understanding among people of all nationalities and cultures. A cultural institution committed to the preservation, interpretation, and advancement of the arts and cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean, El Museo del Barrio strives to be an open and welcoming resource for the diverse New York community and beyond.

El Museo del Barrio was founded by a group of artists, intellectuals, and community activists who saw the need for a museum that would reflect the rich cultural diversity. Our exhibitions and events explore it's all variety. The museum offers a wide variety of exhibitions, programs, and events throughout the year. Some of the most popular exhibitions include Popular Painters & Other Visionaries, En Foco: The New York Puerto Rican Experience, 1973-74, TALLER BORICUA: A POLITICAL PRINT SHOP IN NEW YORK and the past exhibition Antonio Lopez: Future Funk Fashion.

The El Museo del Barrio hosts a variety of events like film screenings, and lectures. From the nearest that we offer Three Kings Day stories and Three Kings Day celebration, these are animations where a lot of music and dance is dedicated to our culture. Also in the past we represent Portraying Our Communities: Latinx Photography Past and Present, X as Intersection: Latinx Artists in Conversation “Art in Uncertain Times”, and more. It is home to many art exhibits, as well as cultural and educational programs. The museum is always hosting new events, so be sure to check out their website for the latest information.

The museum has a wide range of exhibitions, programs, and classes for people of all ages. The El Museo del Barrio is a place where you can explore the art and culture of Latinos, Puerto Rican and Caribbean people. You can see everything from contemporary artwork to traditional crafts at the El Museo del Barrio as modern and contemporary art, popular traditions and many works by various artists. The museum is also home to a wide variety of arts and cultural programs, including dance, music, and theater.

Admission is free for all visitors. The El Museo del Barrio offers visitors a chance to see artwork from all over the world. We have large collections of works by artists from around the world, from Latin America, Colombia, the Caribbean and Puerto Ricans, which are scattered around the world. They present their works in our museum and we are proud of that.

We offer educational programs for people of all ages and for families, including Bilingual Toddler Program, Sábado Familiar or Making Arte. It's a great place to visit for families, as there are always fun and educational activities going on. The museum is home to a variety of art exhibits, as well as a library, gift shop, and cafe.

We also present virtual tours that provide you with a comprehensive view of our exhibitions, public programs, and community outreach initiatives. If there is no opportunity to visit New York then take a virtual tour of El Museo del Barrio! Our website offers 360-degree views of select galleries, so you can explore every corner of this acclaimed museum. Our mission is to exhibit and preserve the art and culture of Latin Americans in the United States. So dive into this story and find out a little more.

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